Posted by: colonyofbirchmen | June 11, 2009





  1. Well, the number two hit on Google for astronazis is us — way to go Ben! Going down one or two more hits turned this up:

    I pulled my communicator back up. “We have breach!” No sooner had I said it than the airlock repressurized and the internal door swung open a few feet from the freshly dented Wesley. Two men in sleek robotic suits marched in and turned towards me. My eye was immediately drawn to the laser-red swastikas burning on their chests.

    “Astronazis!” I growled.

    “Guten tag, Herr Eiderdown. Ve apologize for ze treatment of your airlock but you know how zese thinks are.” One of the men said, almost conversationally. I shot him in the face. His companion looked surprised for a moment and then let out a little laugh.

    What exactly did you have in mind?

  2. btw, the last line above (what exactly did you have in mind) was said by me, not the astronazi. also, this is the first time i’ve ever used btw or any other such abbreviation…i feel it’s appropriate on a blog. oh, and also this and the previous comment are me.

  3. Stumbled upon crypto-nazis today:

    (Gore Vidal calls William F Buckley Jr a crypto-nazi. Buckley responds “listen, you queer. Stop calling me a crypto-Nazi, or I’ll sock you in the goddamn face”.)


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