Posted by: colonyofbirchmen | June 23, 2009

News items

Found some good news items yesterday and today:

Mini Cows

Insults in Spain

(so if we come up with really good insults, we should try them out at this place)

A not so good news item:

Red Line Crash

(the pictures are really amazing)

A crazy drinking game:


and a recent encounter between Conan and the Shat:




  1. Shatner’s always funny on Conan. I saw this one listed under similar videos. Shatner looks so much younger!

  2. I agree with the comments. WTF.

    With respect to the whole minicow trend, I can’t wait until there’s an annual running of the minibulls somewhere. That would be amusing.


  3. Ok, I think you win the shat-off with that one.

    This showed up as a related video:

    it has its moments, but could be shorter.

    Also, here is a good Conan clip from Finland:


  4. after looking at the picard song i poked around a bit on star trek videos and found this.

  5. Wow…I had forgotten how retarded Star Trek was. Here’s a colony of birchmen first: I was about to link “Da Shatner Funk” as a response to S until I realized I heard about it from this blog.



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