Posted by: colonyofbirchmen | October 2, 2009

Word of the Day

I was amused today to learn that the Hindi word pukka (S, did this ever come up when you were around?) is fairly standard British English. You should do a search and look at some of the hits. Unfortunately the marijuana seed distributor Pukka Seeds went out of business.

– B



  1. whoa! one of the first hits was a definition, and it said the english word meant “genuine” and came from the hindi word meaning “ripe”. so it looks like bh represented the word accurately after all!

  2. Pukka did come up the last time i was at birch (maybe the last two times?).

    When i first read this post, the “possibly related” links sent me to a site with a dutch word of the day. here are some highlights:

    Bromfiets = scooter — literal translation: a bike (”fiets”) which makes lound humming noises (”brommen”).

    Tippelprostitutie = street prostitution — literally, “tippelen” means sneaking around on ones toes, so you can practically picture prostitutes quietly tippeling along the side of the street looking for a john.

    Related, to Tippelprostitutie is afwerkplekken, which you can find out about here:

    I went off to find other interesting literal translations of dutch words/phrases and came across these:

    Unrelated to prostitutes, but related to the usage of pukka:
    “Dat is geen zuivere koffie” = “that’s no pure coffee” colloquially means “that is suspicious/not to be trusted”. The word “Zuiver” can be translated as “clean” and “pure”, used in both literal and figurative meanings.

    More coffee phrases:
    To order a cafe latte in dutch, use the phrase “koffie verkeerd” = “wrong coffee”

    “Op de koffie komen”: 1. to drop by for coffee (lit.); 2. to be faced with the consequences of one’s actions (fig.).

    “Dat is andere koffie”: that’s something else (Lit.: “that’s other coffee”).

    I found these last phrases here:


  3. So how come no one has implemented drive-through prostitution?

    – B

  4. someone has:


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