Posted by: colonyofbirchmen | October 3, 2009


This NYT article isn’t really in keeping with the theme of the blog, but I found it enlightening (given some of our personalities).



  1. Perhaps this is also relevant. It’s amazing how dynamic the architecture of the brain apparently is.

    – B

  2. Yes, the brain is cool! We should have been neurobiologists. Ironically, I apparently wasn’t high-reactive at all as a baby. Now if only they figure out what environmental triggers push people one direction or another…

  3. Well there is this. I’m sure a lot of the “irrational” behaviors we thumb our noses at are adaptive mechanisms to do just that, though I suppose there’s the usual causal ambiguity–whether less anxious people are predisposed to religion or whether faith tempers anxiety responses. I bet it would be interesting to compare neurological/psychological differences across different religions.

    – B

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