Posted by: colonyofbirchmen | October 14, 2009

Obfuscated C

The following is a complete C program that takes as input an ascii art representation of one of the numbers 8, 9, 10 or 11 and outputs the number. It works by computing the Euler characteristic of the input and adding 9!

main(O){int I,Q,l=O;if(I=l*4){l=6;if(l>5)l+=Q-8?l-(Q=getchar()-2)%2:l;
if(Q*=2)O+="has dirtiest IF"[(I/-Q&12)-l/Q%4];}printf("%d\n",8+O%4);}

Also, someone may want to show one of our Elvish liking friends
this one. It takes a string and renders it in Elvish script (the output is a pgm image file).

For more, go here.




  1. How many elvish-liking friends do you have??

  2. In addition to you (!?) I can think of one. The similarities are striking: indian, elvish, princeton, clay … what else?

  3. Isn’t S from Calcutta (where my father is from)? Anyways, it’s more accurate to say that my ten-year-old self is elvish-liking – my grasp of the differences between high and low Elvish has faded over time.

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