Posted by: colonyofbirchmen | October 29, 2009

W thinks the COB is R tarded

Maybe we can cut the middleman–here.

– B



  1. retardnews sucks…there are no cool animals and they update even less frequently than we do.

  2. Unfortunately it does. How about this? You can’t claim they don’t post frequently.

    – B

  3. Even better is this. I think my favorite is the blobfish.

    – B

  4. i’ve seen the blobfish before. in fact, all those animals…maybe there are only 15 weird looking animals in the whole world! i did like the cryptozoo site, esp this:

    be careful s!


  5. I thought you would like the cfz; you should become a member.

    So if we’re out of weird animals…the only thing to do is start our own the future is wild blog.

    – B

  6. i hadn’t seen the sea pig before but had seen the others.

    haven’t seen any bird-men or ufo’s here either (tragic). there have to be more freakish deep sea creatures out there we haven’t seen before. one good typhoon in southeast asia will dredge up a dozen or so.


  7. every time i see this picture on google news, i think “that rapist totally looks like a blobfish.”


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