Posted by: colonyofbirchmen | November 7, 2009

Better than Slugs

I just got a membership to the Brattle Theatre. They are showing Treevenge in the Ho-Ho Horrors! series, along with Day of the Beast.

Too bad it’s not over Thanksgiving weekend! (Some Epstein Brothers movies are showing then. I have 15 free passes. Want to go?) I feel like all of you would enjoy the general offerings at this theatre; tonight they were showing classic Twilight Zone episodes and tomorrow is a Monty Python marathon.




  1. Sweet. Treevenge is awesome; I’ll have to watch it more closely when I get back. It is much more entertaining than all those birch movies we got, and short too. It reminded me of Otesanek, which you should all see; it’s fucked up. Maybe you can suggest they show Santa’s Slay.

    We should definitely check it out, though I looked at the calendar at they seem to be playing a very different breed of movie that weekend.

    – B

  2. Treevenge is pretty weird. For instance, why are there two pi’s on the wall at 9:49? The woman at the end whose baby got killed (13:51-13:53 in particular) reminded me of Sam Kinson! (Do any of you know who that is?) My favorite line from Treevenge is certainly “It’s Christmas and I just want to fuck!”

  3. Little Otik looks awesome by the way, I do want to see it! The baby on the poster looks a bit like a hairless bear…

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