Posted by: colonyofbirchmen | February 25, 2010


so i didn’t actually see too much weird stuff in japan — these are the best
things i could find.


This is a cup made out of dried squid:

This is a bank (mermaid bank or something like that was actually the name):

This snow sculpture at Hokkaido University was at least 8 feet tall:

“Standby: There are some standbys who will give a aid when you need help. and you may be the standby for someone”:

It seemed as if these two things were mascots of some sort for Hokkaido.
They (especially the green thing) were everywhere. Why he has a boner…I don’t know:



  1. Shit I need to go to Japan sometime. I don’t really understand “World Mixing Land.” Also what is the thing above green man? A topless woman who ate a whole fish? Some of the snowman made by undergrads here a week or so were like 8 feet tall, and some of them are still standing.

    – B

  2. the general shape of the topless woman is of the island hokkaido, which does look like some kind of fish or shark or sting ray. so actually, it’s the topless woman part that doesn’t make any sense…i looked up hokkaido on wikipedia to see if there was any mention of it there, and found this instead: “The Abashiri brewery in Hokkaidō sells a range of beers,[8] including Bilk, a blend of beer and milk.[9] Bilk has a fruity taste, and is sold in 330 ml bottles.”


  3. Ok, i found out something about the green thing: “Marimo is green algae which exists underwater and is found several places in Japan.
    Marimo has numerous shapes including that of a sphere, attaching to rocks or shells, or they may appear cotton like drifting on the lake bottom. Spherical marimos exist only in Hokkaido, and were found in Lake Akan in 1897. Then marimo was appointed as a National Natural Monument in 1921 and as a Special Natural Monument in 1952. On the red list of Japan, it is now classified into “extermination fear I” which means it is at the highest risk of extinction. In Akan, “Marimo Festival” is held in Mid-Oct. every year for “showing appreciation for Mother Nature through Marimo”. In the festival, a ritual in which Ainu people ride on a canoe and return marimo to the lake, and their dance are performed.”

    Then, about the character, i found this on wikipedia.

    world-mixing land, pleasure land, etc, were all sections of a mall. i guess most of the resturaunts were in pleasure land, but i don’t think the names had anything to do with the content.


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