Posted by: colonyofbirchmen | May 5, 2010

I may go see…


It seems there’s some controversy over a question asked by A, here. I still think the wolverine wouldn’t have much trouble. Koalas are apparently vicious, cf. koala vs. koala on animal fights. Also, they have an impressive vocal range.

– B



  1. koalas make really stupid noises. to see another retarded animal, check out goat v. electric fence.

    it appears that everyone weighing in on the badger v. wolverine question is barely literate. perhaps that’s not too surprising. why is it that all of them capitalize the names of animals?


  2. Why is it that you don’t capitalize anything? See Young Billy Goat vs. Mirror for another retarded goat noise.

    – B

  3. And speaking of sloths.

    – B

  4. that is really gross. and i’m pretty good about capitalizing my initial!

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