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I may go see…


It seems there’s some controversy over a question asked by A, here. I still think the wolverine wouldn’t have much trouble. Koalas are apparently vicious, cf. koala vs. koala on animal fights. Also, they have an impressive vocal range.

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Check out how much they like us now!

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Racist Pasta

Here, courtesy of J.

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Another reason to stay out of the jungle

“Pulled from the nose of a girl”.

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Cancer causing

You all know what “carcinogen” means. But do you know what a carcinologist studies? (Answer.)

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Go here.


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A”, J”, and I went out and got a bass yesterday, so we got everything for our band now. The line-up will be: me on lead/rhythm guitar, maybe sometimes bass; J” on rhythm guitar, sometimes bass, and lead vocals; A” on bass; B’ on iPhone; G might provide some backup vocals–unclear; V said he’d be our bouncer. What we need now is a name. Things we came up with last night between rounds of math charades with the prospectives, mostly based on retarded puns (Btw, trying to charade the statement M_g is of general type for g\geq 27 was awesome. Auslander-Buchsbaum wasn’t bad either):

Ramanujam (there’s a lot of these, mostly taken e.g. jamnesia)
Rockham’s Razor
Google.K (a pretty bad inside joke)
Hmm…I just thought of another: Rank Nullity?

Any _good_ ideas?

– B

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the ancient way


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